I’m Looking Forward to: Titan Souls

I am sorry. I really am. I was working on an actual post that I’m excited about, but then new info was released for this game and well… looks like I’m procrastinating it another week. But until then, let’s talk about possibly my most anticipated game of this year that I’ve been excited to see for a while now. Minimalist games are very hard to work with, in my opinion. It takes a fine detail to make pixels expressive. Now, imagine a game that combines the melancholic, solitary, and grand feel of Shadow of the Colossus with the extreme difficulty of Dark Souls. That game is going to exist this year, and I can’t wait for it. That game is Titan Souls by Acid Nerve.

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Nintendo Direct 1/14/15

So I planned this week to release an actual article I’ve been working on and excited for, but with the release of today’s Nintendo Direct, I felt like I had to go the lazy route and talk about the big news and what I’m most excited about. So here we go.

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I’m Looking Forward to: A Hat in Time

Welcome to the new year, everybody. Yes, it’s been about a month or two since I’ve posted an actual analysis, but I promise, it’s just me getting back into the swing of things after a slight rest of the mind. I don’t want to fry myself and all my ideas, now do I? However, this year looks to be very promising for games. Last year, big games seemed to be very sparse. The AAA games came out broken, the indies took the spotlight of creating beautifully-crafted experiences, and Nintendo did their own, successful thing, as usual. This year looks to have a load of good games coming up, and I’d like to explain from time to time why I’m looking forward to them. Today, we’re starting off with Gears for Breakfast’s love letter to the N64 known as A Hat in Time.

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An Update: January 2015

Hello there, friends, and welcome to 2015. A new year brings new opportunity, and so I’d like to start with a bit of moving forward. A couple updates for the new year follow.

First on the agenda is going to be the inclusion of a new series called Why Games Matter. This will be my series of actual game reviews. Very unoriginal, yes, but I will also try to include a part in the reviews where I discuss why the game is important to analyze and play, and what it brings to the table that no other game or very few other games can bring.

Next, I’ve decided to run a mirror blog on WordPress itself. Basically, all this means is that my posts will be uploaded both here and on the WordPress blog. IGN Blogs has given me the opportunity to share my writings with the world in an accessible place, but I’d like to branch out a bit and feel like I’m accomplishing things on my own. If content is ever to be exclusive to the mirror blog, it will be very rarely, and I will post here linking to such content.

Finally, I’d just quickly like to link to my Twitter account. If you’re a fan of the blog and want to know when I post, this is the perfect place to do so if you’re too lazy to follow. I also Tweet gaming news or interesting gaming articles from time to time, so click here to go follow me.

That’s it for now. Expect a new post in the coming days. I have big plans for 2015.


Hi there. You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog somehow, or you’ve been linked via my IGN blog.

So here I am. My name is ViciousUndertow and I’m here to write things about games. I’ll be writing reviews, lists, and the sort that you’ll see on any other normal gaming blog, but I’ll also be posting pieces from my main series, titled Why Story Matters. This series focuses on the best storytelling in games, and describes why certain devices are effective in portraying a successful story.

I’m hoping to have all of my posts from my IGN blog uploaded to here at some point, but for now, you can find them all on the blog itself here.

So sit back, grab a nice warm drink, and read some of my pieces if you’d like.