Why Games Matter – Grow Home Review (PC)

Experimental games can go either way, but I suppose that’s the point of it being an experiment. What it’s trying is new and could either be great or a failure. Ubisoft seems to be the company lately that’s not only willing to put out big budget sequels, but also to try new and unique experiences. Grow Home is their latest attempt and while not lasting very long, it did leave a very lasting impression on me that has kept me thinking about it days after finishing it. The game sprouts early, and ends up blooming into a memorable experience by the very end.

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Sequels vs. New Ideas: Why 2014 Was the Year of the Smaller Titles

Last year, in my opinion, was a low-key year for gaming. There were very few blockbuster games, and nothing really changed the industry or blew everyone out of the water like The Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite did in 2013. However, a general trend showed its face in 2014, and it might be growing. Any trend like this should be noted and analyzed if we are to understand the future of this industry, and this could mean a dramatic change in gaming as a whole. The year of 2014 saw a shift from the reigning champions of the big-budget titles to the underdogs of the indies and smaller titles. Let’s dig in.

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