An Update: April 2015

Well guys, it’s been a year since I started writing. And it’s been a really enjoyable year. I have met amazing people through my writings. I’ve been recognized by a major website and an editor at one of the country’s most popular newspapers. I got hundreds of views within two days just for writing about my experience at my first gaming convention. All of it has really inspired me to keep writing, keep analyzing, and keep playing games. I have been branching out and enjoying the new things I write about, from finally writing proper reviews to general analyses and reactions. I’ve enjoyed every second writing for you few readers.

However, I have become dissatisfied with Why Story Matters in the last few months. When I started the series, I set out to analyze above summarize. Of course I love writing about the actual game itself, but I wanted to dig deeper and be an individual on the matter. I wanted people to enjoy reading it, regardless of if they had played the game or not. My Child of Light piece is still my favorite that I’ve ever written. I felt like my own opinion and voice was being pushed in the words and I do not feel the same about my more recent writings. As I have covered more and more of the games that I have played, I have become less and less inclined to analyze the actual storytelling devices and experiences, and rather just vaguely touch upon it.

That’s about to change. Why Story Matters is coming back soon after a long hiatus, and to commemorate my one year of writing, I have been working on a three-part series discussing one of the most discussed storytelling devices in gaming, being player choices and how they affect the story as a whole. I have chosen three games that I feel can be placed along a spectrum to compare and contrast, and I will be releasing these pieces in the coming weeks. I am setting out to make them my best writings yet, so please bear with me as I take a bit of time to make them worthy of this anniversary.

Otherwise, I’m happy for everyone who has read and enjoyed my work, and I cannot wait to keep writing in the coming year.


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