My Favorite Design Ideas from My Favorite Games of 2018

The year of 2018 felt strange for me as a gamer and a designer. This year was undeniably great in terms of the games that came out, but I for some reason felt like I was not as wowed by the games I anticipated as I thought I would be. However, when writing this list, I found that this year gave me tons to pick apart design-wise, as well as many games that gave experiences unlike anything I’d had before. I was blown away while playing some, actually thinking to myself about how much I loved the design.

Last year, I made two separate posts about my favorite aspects of design of that year, followed by my actual favorite games of the year. However, this year I wanted to unify things and dig deep into¬†why I chose to put these games on my list. I’m definitely going to be overlooking some amazing ideas, but I feel like this list encompasses a lot about what I loved about 2018, so I’m sticking to it. I hope you give these games a try, and I hope you were able to appreciate the games you played this year as much as I did.

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